Emilgroup is an industrial group with more than 50 years of history, during which it has established itself as a leader in the Italian ceramics industry. Its strategy of constant technological innovation and opening out to new markets have helped to consolidate this position over time.


Emilceramica is founded

The name chosen for the company states the founding partners' ambition to distribute ceramic tiles throughout Italy's Emilia region.


Production of single-fired tiles begins

Emilceramica proves its technological abilities by switching to the new single-firing production process.


Acquisition of Caolino Panciera

To guarantee the constant quality of the raw materials used in the production process, it acquires one of Italy's top quarrying concerns.


Acquisition of Acif Ceramica

It adopts market strategies intended to grow turnover, the company's size and the number of product lines in its portfolio.


Production of electricity by cogeneration begins

Production efficiency and environmental protection are founding values for the company, which invests constantly in innovative, efficient production processes to improve its performances and limit environmental impact.


Birth of the Ergon brand

With the introduction of full body porcelain stoneware, Emilceramica confirms its capacity for technological innovation and commitment to improving the quality of its products.


ISO 9001 certification of the quality management system

The efficiency and quality of the entire production and management process are certified in accordance with the internationally accepted standard.


White body wall tiles and full body porcelain stoneware

Major technological novelties are introduced to continue producing top quality, high performance products.


EmilAmerica opens

The first American sales and logistics subsidiary opens at Alexandria in Virginia, to be followed over the years by the opening of a further 3 logistics platforms: Orlando, Florida, Anaheim, California and Dallas, Texas.


Joint venture with Dal-Tile (USA)

Inauguration of the Oklahoma plant with production capacity of 16 million square metres a year. The JV is to remain operational until 2011.


Introduction of the double pressing process.

Emilceramica becomes one of the market's leading Groups and continues to show its vocation for technology by adopting latest-generation production processes.


Foundation of Zeus Ceramica

The joint venture with Ukrainian Ceramic Group JSC leads to the opening of a plant in the Donbas region with production capacity of about 4 million m2 a year to serve the fast-growing Russian market.


Three-year research investment plan

Emilceramica Group invests € 22 million in product research and development and new production plants.


Acquisition of Viva

The company's product portfolio is extended to increase the segmentation of the target market.


Acquisition of Ceramiche Provenza

The sophistication of this brand's materials leads to the launch of exclusive, modern products manufactured with a craftsman-like approach to satisfy new, more discerning and sophisticated market segments.


Introduction of Full HD digital technology

The Group is the first in the district to adopt and perfect Full HD digital technology, which is to revolutionise ceramic covering production.


ISO 14001 certification of the environmental management system.

The company continues its concrete commitment to limiting the environmental impacts of its operations.


New CEO and new market strategies

Emilceramica Group makes radically changes to its market strategy. With the appointment of the new CEO Luca Majocchi, it decides to reposition its brands in the highest market segments with high-end products and launches an intensive export drive.


Market upturn with growth in orders and sales

The new marketing and sales strategy brings results that exceed all expectations, reversing the negative market trend triggered by the 2008 economic crisis, which hit the entire ceramics industry.


Provenza stand wins award at Cersaie

The repositioning and growth strategy also wins recognition at Cersaie, when the Provenza stand displaying the ZeroDesign collection receives the prize for the year's best stand.


BS OHSAS 18001 certification of the Occupational Health and Safety management system

The company's constant commitment to preventing and minimising risks for workers and complying with current regulations is rewarded.


Nexion is founded

Its strategy for growing its sales in Asia leads the Group to invest in a new production plant in partnership with Simpolo Ltd. This creates a new JV leading to the birth of the Nexion brand, with the aim of improving quality of service and consolidating Emilceramica's share of the Asian market.


Birth of Emilgroup. Launch of the new group image.

To consolidate its leadership in the high-end market and reinforce its group identity, Emilceramica reviews its brand identity and creates the new Emilgroup umbrella brand, with a new coordinated image to meet the demands of a continually changing market and the growth of new target.


With effect from April 2017, Emilgroup belongs to Mohawk Industries Inc., world flooring industry leader, listed on the New York Stock Exchange.