No Code by Viva:
the combination of wood effect, stone effect and leather effect

  1. Effect: Wood, Stone, Leather

  2. Effect: Wood, Stone, Leather

  3. Effect: Wood, Stone, Leather

  4. Effect: Wood, Stone, Leather

A collection that stuns and thrills

No Code by Viva is the Emilgroup ceramic collection that combines three different materials: stone effect, wood effect and leather effect. Compact, soft slate, a varnished saw-cut wood, a substantial waxed wood and smooth, raised grain, crocodile-print leather skins are the co-stars of the collection.

A daring, powerful collection, refined and exclusive, modern and with strong aesthetic impact. No Code by Viva is a ceramic solution able to liberate architectural forms from their usual clichés, with the clear aim of arousing amazement and admiration.

A dynamic, exclusive collection for interiors. Slate and wood, applied on walls and floors, give large interiors a striking architectural character; leather, used as a wall covering, delights lovers of avant-garde design. Also available in 20mm size.


Bianco Laccato

Nero Laccato

Noce Cerato

Noce Taglio Sega

Rovere Cerato

Rovere Taglio Sega


10x30 cm
20x78 cm
20x120 cm
60x120 cm


20x50 cm


  1. Cerato
    The waxed effect gives an elegant, uniform shine and maintains the surface's tactile personality
  2. Laccato
    Material and colour skilfully combined for a glossy surface, soft to the touch
  3. Naturale
    A surface that is velvet-smooth to the touch but has all the resistance and anti-slip properties needed for use in any residential and commercial context.
  4. Tecnica
    In the technical version, the surface has outstanding anti-slip properties, making it perfect for public and private outdoor areas.


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