Zerodesign by Provenza:
the ceramic collection inspired by stones

  1. Effect: Stone

  2. Effect: Stone

  3. Effect: Stone

  4. Effect: Stone

  5. Effect: Stone

Original and solid, for locations with a strong personality

Stone becomes Sand, the Zerodesign collection by Provenza takes shape. A collection of stones gathered from different continents, each with its own distinctive appearance and variegated colouring. And from rocks that have crumbled over the millennia, sand: wind-blown, pristine and pure.
The collection is intended above all for indoor locations such as spas and pools, wellbeing centres and showrooms, not to mention city lofts, seaside apartments and homes, or offices and restaurants.
Zerodesign by Provenza is, as its name suggests, emphatic in its simplicity. It is able to give any location a rich, elegant, luxurious touch, with features as simple and natural as the stone effect itself. The different colour shades created on the floor covering generate light/dark contrasts and enrich the whole interior with style, class and minimal design.
Very often, all it takes to give an interior design a natural touch is a floor covering like that offered by the Zerodesign collection: stone is the common denominator, meeting the aims of creating natural variegated shades and of sourcing high-performing materials.


Asian Grey

Bolivian White

Gobi Grey

Indian Beige

Salar White

Thar Beige


30x60 cm
45x90 cm
60x120 cm


  1. Lappato
    A finish obtained by surface honing that does not affect the product's technical characteristics but enhances its appearance by giving added depth and shine. Especially suitable for floor and wall coverings in residential contexts or where traffic level
  2. Naturale
    A surface that is velvet-smooth to the touch but has all the resistance and anti-slip properties needed for use in any residential and commercial context.




China Compulsory Certificate
Shade Variation High
Heavy Commercial
Ceramics of Italy


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