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Provoak by Provenza is the Emilgroup ceramic collection with irresistible naturalness, beauty and variety, inspired by the different ways in which oak can be finished.

Provoak: the trendy oak-effect

Oak wood and its compact vein patterns are the basis for the strikingly natural, beautiful, varied Provoak collection by Provenza. The different ways in which oak can be finished provide the inspiration for the Provoak style.

Different oak finishes for total versatility

The exceptional versatility of Provoak by Provenza makes this the ideal ceramic collection for various taste categories, from the most classical to the trendy, and the flawless construction of tailored design schemes.

Rovere puro
A choice, exquisite timber with elegant, attractive unbroken vein patterns for a product with a reassuring mood in simple, minimalist taste.
Quercia recuperata
Selected salvaged natural oak planks enrich design schemes with a time-worn beauty and give surfaces an impressive personality.
Grigio spazzolato
Brushing leaves the surface soft and silky, in variegated shades of grey, highlighting the oak's natural vein patterns.
Bianco sabbiato
The sanding process bleaches the wood and emphasises its vein patterns, giving a more three-dimensional effect. Perfect for creating splendid contemporary design schemes.
Nero bruciato
The effect of burning with a naked flame gives the oak a particularly dark colour for an even more elegant surface, creating exquisite interiors.

Ideal for indoor floors and outdoor pavings in the 20mm version

The use of specific structures for each type of finish create three-dimensional surfaces. The Provoak collection by Provenza is ideal for indoor and outdoor use in the 20mm version. It provides original, individual design schemes, since the different patterns are never repeated over about 10 m2 of product.


Bianco Sabbiato

Grigio Spazzolato

Nero Bruciato

Quercia Recuperata

Rovere Puro

size 6

9.2x54.2 cm
20x120 cm
30x120 cm
40x120 cm
26x180 cm
22.5x180 cm

Decors 6

30x30 cm
29.8x31.6 cm
20x120 cm
20x120 cm
29.4x34 cm
9.2x54.2 cm

Surfaces 2

  1. Antislip
    In the technical version, the surface has outstanding anti-slip properties, making it perfect for public and private outdoor areas.
  2. Naturale
    A surface that is velvet-smooth to the touch but has all the resistance and anti-slip properties needed for use in any residential and commercial context.

Certifications 3


Downloads 1

Characteristics 6

China Compulsory Certificate
Shade Variation Random
Heavy Commercial
Ceramics of Italy


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