Millelegni Remake extends and enriches the Millelegni collection, as Emilceramica continues to explore, select and reinterpret some of the world's most beautiful types of timber.
A range comprising 4 colour varieties of North American elms, some closer to the original look and feel and others inspired by particular ways in which the timber boards may be worked, and 2 variants of exquisite oxidised Alpine oak, with all the very distinctive, eye-catching look which this type of wood acquires through lengthy contact with water.
Millelegni Remake: a fresh combination of the random elegance of wood, the ways its surfaces are transformed by time, the hand-crafted character of timber worked by man and a state-of-the-art design language. The ideal collection for design schemes in natural taste and with a strong personality in contemporary residential and commercial locations.
There are two distinctive plank sizes available, 25x150 cm and 20x120 cm, as well as the extra-thick 20 mm size, for a complete, versatile range also enabling seamless continuity of design between indoor and outdoor areas, with excellent performances guaranteed.

American elm is very common in some areas of North America. Especially in the Mississippi valley, New England and the vast, pristine expanses of eastern Canada. In view of its structure, and also because trees of this species are particularly delicate and vulnerable, the timber produced from them is one of the most highly prized varieties and is becoming more and more difficult to obtain.
With its 4 colour options - Olmo Naturale, Olmo Tinto, Olmo Sbiancato and Olmo Dorato - the Millelegni collection reproduces all the beauty of its knots and vein patterns, both in the subtle, tasteful original version and in variants inspired by working methods that give the planks a hand-crafted character and look.

Italian oak is particularly common in the Alpine and Pre-Alpine valleys and in the forests of the Apennine mountain chain. Its timber has fairly uniform fibres with occasional irregularities, and particularly impressive mechanical strength, providing an excellent combination of refined looks and functional performances that have always made it one of the most popular, highly prized woods.
In the two colours Rovere Ossidato and Rovere Bruno Ossidato, the Millelegni collection provides a completely accurate reproduction of the stains and other clearly visible marks which its tannins create on the surface after lengthy contact with water. A time-worn look that adds character and temperament to a material which is already very popular and sought-after for the random beauty of its natural effects.


Olmo Dorato

Olmo naturale

Olmo Sbiancato

Olmo Tinto

Rovere Bruno Ossidato

Rovere Ossidato


20x120 cm
40x120 cm
25x150 cm


  1. Naturale
    A surface that is velvet-smooth to the touch but has all the resistance and anti-slip properties needed for use in any residential and commercial context.




Shade Variation Random
Shade Variation High
Heavy Commercial
Ceramics of Italy


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