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From its headquarters in Italy, it designs, develops, manufactures and distributes ceramic tiles for four commercial brands: Emilceramica, Ergon, Provenza and Viva.


Emilgroup owns production plants in Italy with a capacity of over 9 million square meters per year. It produces more than 6,500 items that are distributed worldwide through sales offices and warehouses located in Italy, United States, Russia, Germany, India and Hong Kong.

Emilgroup has a logistics organization geared to respond immediately to the needs of the global market; its skilled team has a market oriented approach, it provides tailor made solutions from design to tiles installation.
Production and process innovation are strategic keys that guide investments.
An internal R&D department operates as a “creative workshop” where ideas and experiences are combined with the latest technologies. This alchemy allows Emilgroup to create collections that leave their mark each and every year.



Emilgroup operates in more than 70 countries with 5,500 points of sale. In some strategic areas, its international strength is underlined by specific divisions. In order to promptly fulfil the orders that arrive from 4 different continents, Emilgroup has 5 branches that operate in complete synergy with the Italian head office: Emil Germany, which covers the German market; EmilAmerica, which serves the North American market with 4 distribution hubs located across the area and a dedicated sales team; Emil Asia, based in Hong Kong, which serves the Asian market; Emil Russia and Emil India, which complete Emilgroup’s international presence.



Emilgroup is an industrial group with more than 50 years of history, during which it has established itself as a leader in the Italian ceramics industry. Its strategy of constant technological innovation and opening out to new markets has helped to consolidate this position over time.

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Each year, the company invests 4 million Euro and dedicates more than 30 specialised technicians to the development of new refined, original ceramics solutions, drawing inspiration from various types of materials - woods,  concrete, marble and fabrics - to express creativity and sophistication with Italian manufacturing excellence.

Details are a passion for Emilgroup, a key priority for the whole production cycle. Right from the research and development stage, an organisation brimming with curiosity
and enthusiasm for the latest trends works meticulously to create new, original designs to delight the taste of customers all over the world




At Emilgroup, every phase of production is managed and monitored down to the smallest detail to ensure excellent quality standards.

After careful selection of the finest raw materials, production gets underway with high-precision mixing and milling operations, tile body mix pressing, tile drying, glazing and digital printing with state-ofthe-art technologies. Materials are fired in automatic kilns at 1210° before being individually inspected by high-precision optical systems, overseen by skilled staff. The entire production cycle constantly recycles energy and minimises environmental impact.
This immense care leads to products with a fine appearance and superlative performance. Consequently, Emilgroup’s Engineering Division can also produce specifically architectural systems, such as ventilated facades, raised flooring and patented partition walls,such as EC Wall.