Emilgroup, vision and far-sightedness underpin the re-branding


Identifying new semantic codes in order to present the company’s founding values in a contemporary light, fully aware of where we want to go and the objectives we wish to meet.

This is the premise behind the re-branding strategy launched by Emilceramica Group. The result? A new logo and a new name: Emilgroup. This is the name of the holding company in charge of management, coordination and communications for the 4 product brands: Viva, Provenza, Ergon and Emilceramica.
Extensive experimentation and research was also carried out in order to draw up the manifesto of corporate values and principles. The same experimentation was applied to the study of colours and shapes, essential for redefining a clear, concise brand identity that could prove an invaluable asset to the company.

The project captures the essence of Emilgroup and conveys it in a direct manner. The new logo sums up all the storytelling, presenting the corporate vision and conveying the concept of “alchemy”, knowledge and experience in the service of transformation.

Ceramic ware, after all, comes from Mother Earth. It is a natural material made from two essential elements: earth and fire. Emilgroup transforms this material into products of innovative and functional design, availing of the expertise of architects and designers to give style, beauty and new consciousness to places where people live, work and spend their free time.