Materia Morphosys: ceramics and the aesthetics of taste


The search for excellence in the transformation of matter

A project conceived for the world of architecture, in which porcelain stoneware crosses the usual stylistic and structural boundaries to lead us on a sensory journey, to discover fresh flavours and emotions.

This is the inspiration for and key to the understanding of Materia Morphosys, a “travelling” project that expresses the moods of the four Emilgroup brands, Viva, Provenza, Ergon and Emilceramica, through a gourmet experience, designed by the creative talent ofFabio Pisani, Michelin two-star chef of Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia.

The worlds of ceramic coverings and food may appear very different, but they share a common vision of excellence and a passion for research and experimentation, careful selection of raw materials, but above all experience in their skilful transformation to give form to emotions.

An ambitious aim, arising from the need to view and imagine porcelain stoneware no longer just as a wall and floor covering, but as a contemporary interior design feature and tool, enabling architects to model the characters of rooms and spaces.


The gourmet dishes inspired by our collections

Sea bream from the Ligurian sea with Sicilian pistachio mayonnaise

Brick Design : is the Emilceramica collection with colour as its theme: available in 51 basic shades, but able to respond to all the project's chromatic demands. The tactile structure reveals the flaws left by the forging of the piece, which generate light and shade effects to give finished surfaces an extraordinary degree of variability.         
The light and dark blue shades of Brick Design immediately called up images of the sea and became the natural setting for the two fish dishes, lightly fried Sanremo purple shrimps and sea bream from the Ligurian sea with Sicilian pistachio mayonnaise.


Crispy peppers from Senise with D’Osvaldo prosciutto (aged 36 months)

Metal Style - Corten : Modern, simple and sophisticated. Metal.it is a collection inspired by brushed steel, scratched and worn by the passage of time, with a rusted effect in its “corten” version.

The rusty steel colour of corten attracted the chef's attention. Crispy peppers are created by time spent drying in the sun, and it is time that transforms and oxidises steel to a rust colour, giving us the “corten” effect


Risotto (Carnaroli variety) with extra virgin olive oil and vegetables of the season

Eterna - Decoro Rome Silver : Some materials and styles are timeless. Emilceramica has dedicated Eterna to this concept, expressed as a contemporary evocation of travertine. A collection of timeless beauty, which highlights the material's malleability and affinity with works of sculpture, with tactile waves in which matter itself creates effects with reflections and relief textures.

The marks left by time provide the container for an eternal food: rice. The fork scratches gently against the grooves in the tile. A reference to the land, from which the fruits of nature are born. Inspirations for Risotto (Carnaroli variety) with extra virgin olive oil and vegetables of the season


Young mallard (duck) smoked with caramel and star anise, with fruit ‘mostarda’

Provoak - Nero Bruciato : is the Provenza collection that draws inspiration from oak wood, reinterpreting its compact vein patterns as the basis for a strikingly natural, beautiful, varied line of products. Provoak interprets the world of oak through the effects left by 5 different ways of processing it. Nero bruciato creates the after-effects of flame.

It was an immediate intuition to imagine this same flame, used in the Provoak collection to create a scorched effect, smoking the caramel and star anise smoked duck, served with fruit ‘mostarda’.


Home-made ice-cream with vanilla from Tahiti

Tr3nd - Decoro Needle Smoke : Matter, with its countless versions and ability to create a unique visual experience, is the predominant factor of Tr3nd, the new collection from Ergon, to which the needle decoration belongs: it epitomises the tactile elegance of concrete, establishing an exquisite dialogue with the tasteful natural wood and shiny majolica looks which complete the Tr3nd collection.

A childhood memory of an ice-cream dropped on the ground, onto the pavement tiles. This is our Chef's childhood memory: Home-made ice-cream with vanilla from Tahiti "falls" onto Tr3nd, recalling children's playful improvisations.


Red Carpet on L'H Bianco

L'H - Bianco : Viva collection, is an interpretation of salvaged varnished wood, with scratches and marks left by wear. The contrast between the original gloss of the varnished finish and the matt effect of the marks left by use tugs at the heart-strings, creating unique, distinctive interiors.       

A Red Carpet of strawberries and cherry tomatoes to highlight the contrast achieved in the Viva collection with the scratched effect, with the added vibrancy of the contrasting colours.


I Cioccolatini on 20Twenty Pallets White

20Twenty - Pallets White : Plain objects can sometimes be the source of unexpected ideas. The 20Twenty collection by Emilceramica interprets a pallet of bleached, salvaged wood, capable of creating original, extremely stylish surfaces, in both 20x20 and plank sizes.       

With i Cioccolatini the Chef has experimented with his material to reproduce the texture of a pallet, in an imitation of the development and innovation work of the Emilgroup Research Centre itself.